Digital assets, built on blockchain, are much more than art collectibles or profile pictures. They offer a unique opportunity for brands to redefine customer and fan engagement, increase loyalty and drive future business revenues.

Fantasy & Virtual Gaming, 
Product Authentication, 
Creator Economy
Trust is vital.

Powering the web3 revolution

A defining moment

A defining moment

Blockchain, NFTs and tokens provide organisations with a defining moment to seize control of their assets and customer data, recapturing the full life cycle value of their products and offerings - in perpetuity.

New recurrent revenue streams

New recurrent revenue streams

BlockTrust works with major brands in retail, fashion, sports, culture, entertainment, gaming and news, helping them make sense of web3. We devise community centric strategies and implement them, helping our partners deploy their branded world, securely white-label their token offerings, privately digitise their assets and curators’ creations and - for the first time - truly own their audience data to unlock new recurrent revenue streams.

A complete
turn key solution.

<div>Long-Term</div> Strategy


Understand the long-term opportunities and challenges Web3 can help you tackle, how to leverage your existing assets, and build meaningful utility into your Web3 offerings.

Leverage collectibles, fantasy gaming, loyalty tokens, digital twins or authenticity certificates to unlock new recurring revenues and sustainable customers and fans engagement.

<div>Minimum</div> Lovable Product

Lovable Product

Run strategy, creative and commercial working sessions to define a unique, long-term Web3 roadmap that will resonate with your brand, customers and fans.

Work backwards to land on that powerful yet simple first step into Web3 that gets maximum traction, whilst allowing you to build flexibility in the future.

<div>Speed</div> to Market

to Market

Leverage our Web3-as-a-Service platform to bring that Minimum Lovable Product to life, fast, whilst fine tuning launch strategy, marketing, social and community engagement.

Learn from your first step into Web3 to iterate on the next steps of the roadmap, whilst ensuring it remains inscribed in your brand's long-term Web3 strategy.

<div>Engagement</div> & Utility

& Utility

Engage your customers and fans with an 'always-on' branded platform that you own, acting as a personalised content delivery and a first-party data collection hub.

Leverage Web3 to offer next-generation, tailor-made utility and benefits, rewarding your customers based on their engagement with your brand - online and in real-life.

<div>Take</div> Control


Gamify. Engage. Monetise. Evolve. Take back control of your brand and data to redefine customer & fan engagement, community building and loyalty - on your own terms.

Reach 100% of your audience, rather than 8% through centralised Web2 social platforms, in a secure, KYC/AML compliant and financially regulated environment.

Every brand today is a startup
in web3, without the challenge of
scaling a fan base.

  • Develop new, recurrent revenue streams, in perpetuity.
  • Reach new audiences and maximise customer engagement & loyalty.
  • Leverage powerful data analytics.
  • Ensure compliance and brand protection.


BLOCKTRUST is a unique team of experts from Blockchain, SaaS, Legal, Finance, Compliance, Marketing and Creative industries.  
Mike Alexander Mike Alexander
co-founder | blockchain industry expert
Mike Alexander

Founding partner of BlockTrust.

Assisted in the largest token sale (ICO) in history, raising a record-breaking US$4.2bn in 2018.

Former CEO of the US$1bn EOS VC Fund by

Has engaged with +1,000 blockchain technology companies.


Mike Haywood Mike Haywood
co-founder | technology and ux expert
Mike Haywood

Founding partner of BlockTrust.

Founder of, an ASX listed technology company.

Board member of the National Museum of Australia advising on technology transformation, including Blockchain NFT marketplaces.


Andrew Stedman Andrew Stedman
Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Stedman

Qualified Chartered Accountant with over 14 years Big 4 professional services and commercial experience across Australian, US and Asian markets.

Led a leading global HR and Recruitment Services business in Hong Kong.

Finance responsibility as CFO of the Group's international subsidiaries across Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and European markets.

Richard Junnier Richard Junnier
Director, Client & Growth Strategy
Richard Junnier

20+ years experience scaling web1, web2/SaaS and professional services businesses from start-ups to NASDAQ listed companies.

Passion for fostering cultures and creating teams where people love doing the best work of the careers.

Deep, global experience in a multitude of roles across product, marketing, sales, customer success, general management, leadership, strategy, M&A, and acquisition integration.

Kristy Ryan Kristy Ryan
Director, Commercial Operations
Kristy Ryan

Formally Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation for the National Museum of Australia, leading Blockchain NFT research and program schematics.

Professional career spanning commercial operations and advisory in both public and private sectors.

Executive Council and Treasurer for National Capital Attractions Association of Canberra. Executive Committee for Australian Tourism Exchange Council, Canberra chapter.

Stéphane Zermatten Stéphane Zermatten
Director, Marketing & Product Strategy
Stéphane Zermatten

Strategic thinker at the intersection of web3, consumer marketing, storytelling and community.

Board Member and Advisor at CircleSquare, a global customer experience agency, BigBadWolf, an integrated content agency, and comtogether, a data-driven digital marketing consultancy.

Involved as founder, investor and/or advisor in several crypto and blockchain ventures since 2016.


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